Friday, June 14, 2019

Exporting healthy drink from Austria to Canada Term Paper

Exporting healthy drink from Austria to Canada - Term Paper ExampleThese are the reasons why several companies have chosen to position their harvesting in the foreign market. Others also cited that they preferred to export their products in order to survive in the saturated domestic market and remained competitive. However, before a trustworthy company considered the idea of exportation, it must have all the needed resources (strategic and financial), and more importantly is to have a higher level of commitment to compete in the international market. According to Zou, Kim, and Cavusgil, in order for companies to be successful they need to conduct a careful assessment of their tact to export, go through the information process of internationalization, develop effective export marketing strategies that suit for foreign markets, and implement the strategies effectively (2).Trading Ltd. is an Austrian based company that is very laid to introduce BioDrink in the Canadian market. The main purpose of this paper is to design the international marketing strategy of Trading Ltd. targeting the Canadians as their final consumers considering all the essential information.To measure the readiness of the company to export BioDrink in the Canadian market, it must have all the necessary resources. Among the necessary resources are strategic and financial resources, trouble commitment, and human resources. A common mistake made by some companies is to become involved in exporting without adequate preparation and assessment of their readiness to export (Zou, Kim, and Cavusgil 9).New Customers and Markets. It would be an advantage for the exporting company to have a strong home market position before going into exporting because international market is full of competitors. Canada as the prospect overseas market is a good choice in terms of its economic stability universe one of the worlds wealthiest nations. Also, the demand of beverage industry in the country is increasing and the record of exporting is high. Trading

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